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DERA Reference Library and Archives

The following materials are made available courtesy of DERA and its members. All files are in PDF unless otherwise specified.


Newsletter Archive

Journal Articles [available following peer review]

General Publications

Colorado Flood Recovery

Five Ways You Can Help Disaster Victims

Emergency Biological Decontamination: Expedient Solutions for Disaster Areas

Preparedness Primer: Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Terrorism

DERA Student Awards Program

Military Aircraft Incident Response Guide

Orissa Cyclone Report

Disaster Myths by Dr. Claude de Ville

"Volkswagen GIS" DERA Monograph by Dr. John Wiener

Audio Files:  DERA Interviews With Subject Matter Experts

Radiological Terrorism Response: Clinician's Pocket Guide

Radiation Emergency Measurement

Radiation Casualty Management: Expedient Medical Guide

Casualty Management following Nuclear Detonation in an Urban Area

Hospital Communication in a Mass Casualty Terrorist Situation

DERA Mission and Membership Information

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Newsletter Archive

The following recent newsletters are available online:

December 2013 (725 KB PDF)

  • DERA Plans Emergency Communications Workshops in Huntsville, Alabama, August 15-17, 2014
  • Volunteer Project Managers Positions Available
  • DERA Supplies, Clothing, Gifts for Members
  • Communicating without Infrastructure by Stefan Pollack
  • IML Corporation: GSA Pricing for Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD)

October 2013 (5.25 MB PDF)

  • Cancellation of Emergency Communications Summit for North America
  • DERA Seeks Project Managers
  • Toward More Resilient Futures: Putting Foresight Into Practice, Highlights from the Strategic Foresight Initiative (SFI)
  • New Membership Structure with Reduced Dues Rates

July 2013 (899 KB PDF)

  • DERA Mission Refocus
  • New Membership Structure with Reduced Dues Rates
  • Changes in Fire Patterns across the Globe by Georg Grosse-Hohl
  • Catastrophic Disasters: Why Prepare? by Lee Champagne, CEM
  • -Loud and Clear: Getting the Message through to Those Who Need to Hear by Stefan Pollack

July 2012 (995 KB PDF)

  • DERA Celebrates 50 Years: Recap of Preparedness Workshop and Anniversary Symposium
  • N4D Special Event Station at Mount Mitchell, North Carolina
  • Keynote presentation by William Haggard: The Realities of Climate Change for Emergency Managers
  • International Disaster Communications by Shri S. Suri VU2MY
  • Terrorism Preparedness and Response by Georg Grosse-Hohl
  • Faith Based and Compassionate Disaster Response by Catherine Stevens, K4ECM
  • The Politics andFinancing of Search and Rescue Operations by Kevin J. Dunlevy-Wilson
  • Domestic Violence: An Important Consideration for Emergency Management by Raphael LaRocca
  • DERA: A 50-Year Retrospective by Paul Folmsbee, K5PF, First President in 1962
  • An Emergency Manager's Perspective by Jerry VeHaun, CEM
  • Communications Achievement Awards by Carl Smith, N4AA
  • Emergency Management Education by Professor Carlie Merritt and Dr. Robert Berry, CEM of Western Carolina University
  • A Student's Perspective on Emergency Management Education by Mark Phillips
  • The Critical and Often Overlooked Last Three Meters of Communication by Stefan Pollack, CEO of IML Corporation
  • Disaster Emergency Communications by Bascombe J. Wilson, CEM, WØAIR
  • The Mount Mitchell Disaster Demonstration Exercixe, Sponsored by Robert R. Dockery, WD4CNZ
  • Organizing Disaster Communications Teams by the honorable Ms M. Bhanumathy, VU2BL
  • A New Look at Individual Abilities in Disaster by Pattijean Hooper, PhD

March 2012 (465 KB PDF)

  • DERA Celebrates 50 Years: Preparedness Workshop and Anniversary Symposium: Asheville, North Carolina, June 15-17, 2012
  • After Hurricane Irene: Establishing the Disaster Knowledge Center in Waterbury, Vermont, by Howard F. Pierpont, CBCP
  • New Online Emergency Operations and Coordinations Center, by Raphael LaRocca
  • Maintaining Continuity of Communications during Major Disasters, by Lee Champagne, CEM
  • Region III Preparedness Updater by Raphael LaRocca
  • DERA Program Recap
  • Many Waters Resource Network by Catherine Lawhun
  • Thanks to Bill Liebsch and Janet Liebsch for DERA Project Support
  • APEX Disaster Management Consulting and Training by Sarone A. Kennedy, Sr., SEM
  • Welcome, Associate Editor Eric Ritter

December 2011 (425 KB PDF)

  • Perception Management by Lee Champagne
  • Major Disaster Lessons Learned by Bascombe Wilson
  • Message from the Chair by Howard Pierpont
  • CEU Credits Available for Online Participation with EMFORUM by Amy Sebring, EIIP Vice President
  • Region III Preparedness Fair by Raphael LaRocca
  • New EPA Mapping Tool for Enforcement and Compliance History Online by Cynthia Giles, EPA
  • DERA Program Recap
  • Many Waters Resource Network by Catherine Lawhun
  • Thanks to Bill Liebsch and Janet Liebsch for DERA Project Support
  • Reminder Flags for Your Personal Go-Kits by Howard Pierpont
  • Congratulations, Kim Bernhardt and Bus Tarbox of Quick Print Shop (QPS) on 50 years of service
  • Member Profile: Lee Champagne and Jamie Caplan
  • APEX Disaster Management Consulting and Training by Sarone A. Kennedy, Sr., SEM

July 2011 (375 KB PDF)

  • FedHealth Programs Support DERA
  • A Personal Look at Tragedy by Raphael LaRocca
  • Situational Awareness by Howard Pierpont
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Plans by Sal Meloro
  • Member News: Major Patrick E. McPherson, WW9E, SATERN
  • Job Announcements and Consulting Opportunities
  • DERA Emergency Communications Proposal
  • David M. Crews, CEM -- Emergency Management Gold!

April 2011 (775 KB PDF)

  • Australia, New Zealand and Japan Catastrophic Disasters: Preliminary Lessons Learned
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Plans by Sal Meloro
  • "Who You Gonna Call?" by Howard Pierpont
  • Member News: New Members
  • Call for Journal Articles and Field Reports
  • Job Announcements and Consulting Opportunities

December 2010 (1.80 MB PDF)

  • Next Generation 9-1-1 System for the United States
  • Workable Family Disaster Plans by Sal Meloro
  • Gaye Cameron: National Safety Council of Australia
  • DERA provides teleconference service for responders
  • Journal of Homeland Security
  • Job Announcements and Consulting Opportunities

October 2010 (380 KB PDF)

  • UNSAFE HOSPITALS: Disasters in Waiting
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Dispose of Old Medicines Properly
  • U.S. National Flood Insurance Update
  • New FEMA Web Resources for Public-Private Partnerships
  • Claude S. Baker, K9PGW, Silent Key
  • Social Media for Emergency Communications
  • Auf der Heide Makes Text Available Online
  • Member News: Dr. Pattijean Hooper, Sarone Kennedy, and Kevin J.D. Wilson
  • Call for Papers: World Conference on Disaster Management: Toronto, June 19-22, 2011
  • DERA Awards
  • Member Supplies Available Online
  • "It's a Disaster" Now Available

July 2010 (260 KB PDF)

  • DERA Member Supplies Available
  • DERA Awards for Exceptional Service
  • Chairman's Letter from Howard Pierpont: Member Thanks and Recognition
  • Education vs Training: Muchael J. Fagel, PhD, CEM
  • Member News: Gaye Cameron, Tim McInerny, Pattijean Hooper, PhD
  • Business Member News: ICE PACK (TM) from Ashbury International Group, Inc.

March 2010 (160 KB PDF)

  • DERA Response to Haiti earthquake and U.S. disasters
  • DERA's Annual Membership Meeting and International Disaster Management Conference
  • Leadership Opportunities with DERA

December 2009 (370 KB PDF)

  • DERA Annual Membership Meeting - February 21, 2010, Orlando, Florida
  • International Disaster Management Conference
  • Chairman's Letter from Howard Pierpont: Getting Out the Preparedness Message
  • Wildland Firefighting Dilemma - Risks and Benefits of Night Air Missions
  • Australian Fire Policy May Change
  • Job Announcements
  • Members in Action -- Recent News
  • It's a Disaster! (...and What Are You Going to Do About It?)
  • Volunteers Wanted

September 2009 (350 KB PDF)

  • Disaster Modeling in New York
  • Costing out "The Big One"
  • Survey of Recent Disasters
  • DERA Annual Membership Meeting: February 21, 2010, Orlando, Florida
  • Stay Safe--Be Safe : Letter from the Chair, Howard Pierpont
  • Jon Wallace Reports: FEMA ESF-14 Training and Preparedness
  • New Mobile Technology Helping Emergency Management
  • Training for Future Emergency Managers: Special Report by Jessica Tillapaugh
  • Nominations Invited for the St. Andrews Prize for the Environment
  • Job Announcements
  • FEMA Director Craig Fugate Speaks on Survivors, Money and Star Trek
  • DERA Seeks Volunteers
  • Many Waters Resource Network Links Resources to Projectsational Weather Service Reporting Changes
  • It's a Disaster--Book Now Available at discounted rates to Disasters·Org readerss

June 2009 (895 KB PDF)

  • Severe Weather Causes Most Hazard Deaths
  • Fire Departments Rely Increasingly on Volunteers
  • Survey of Recent Disasters
  • Preparedness Perspectives: Letter from the Chair, Howard Pierpont
  • Earthquake Simulations
  • National Weather Service Reporting Changes
  • Project Bioshield
  • Job Announcements
  • North Carolina Emergency Communications Exercises
  • Special thanks to Claude Baker and Howard Pierpont from the DERA Trustees
  • GAO Bomb Tests
  • CSB Investigation of ConAgra Explosion
  • DERA Volunteers Wanted
  • NIAR Responds to Catastrophic Storm in Bengal Region
  • DERA Student Awards

March 2009 (735 KB PDF)

  • Report from DERA Annual Membership Meeting & Workshop iin Orlando, Florida
  • Lessons Learned: FAULT FOUND 2009 New Madrid Earthquake Exercise
  • Facelift for DERA Website
  • National Weather Service Strategic Plan
  • DERA Volunteers Wanted
  • United Nations Communications
  • DERA Supplies and Clothng
  • Yamini in the news (India)
  • UNISDR Information Sharing

December 2008 (985 KB PDF)

  • Invitation: FAULT FOUND 2009 New Madrid Earthquake Exercise
  • DERA Annual Membership Meeting & Workshop: February 22, 2009 in Orlando, Florida
  • Message from Chairman Howard Pierpont to All DERA Members
  • DERA Supplies and Clothing Available Online
  • DERA Vacancies: Position Descriptions Posted
  • Communications Interoperability Mismanagement: GAO Faults Federal Agencies
  • Field Report: Haiti Water Purification Team
  • FedHealth/DERA Partnership produces the Book It's a Disaster
  • FEMA Issues Voice Radio Communications Guide for Fire Response
  • 2009 International Disaster Management Conference, February 19-22, in Orlando, Florida

October 2008 (925 KB PDF)

  • Hurricane Field Repors and Analysis by S.E. Region Program Director, Robert Rathbone
  • New Chairman of the DERA Board: Howard Pierpont
  • DERA Clothing and Supplies Available Online
  • Robert Rathbone Receives DHS Recognition
  • How to Sell on ebay and Benefit DERA
  • FAIRS Update: Preparedness Support to Caribbean Communities
  • New Name and Look for EIIP
  • FedHealth/DERA Partnership for the Book It's a Disaster
  • GoodSearch/GoodShop: You Search - They Give to DERA

June 2008 (350 KB PDF)

  • Midwest Flooding Report
  • GoodSearch/GoodShop: You Search - They Give to DERA
  • Yamini Awarded DERA Gold Medal
  • Auxiliary Interpreter Corps - U.S. Coast Guard
  • Safe Hospitals - World Disaster Reduction Campaign
  • FEMA Disaster Reservists
  • Documentary: Rising Catastrophe of Floods
  • EIIP Forum: The Science of Flood Safety
  • Crisis Informatics
  • DHS Initiative: NET Guard
  • Upcoming: DERA's 2009 Membership Meeting & Symposium - February 22, 2009, Orlando, Florida
  • NIAR India: Radio Operator Expansion Program
  • Atlantic Hurricane Season News
  • Fundraising Efforts for China & Mynamar
  • CLINCON 2008: Clinical Conference/Prehospital Emergency Care: July 10-13, 2008 --
  • Calendar of Key Conferences and Workshops

March 2008 (360 KB PDF)

  • DERA Annual Membership Meeting Report
  • Dr. Douglas Troy & Anne Hutton: Community Disaster Information System (CDIS)
  • Howard Pierpont: New DERA Director
  • Rapid Rebuilding: Fort Irwin, California Report
  • Certified Emergency Manager Application Forms Now Free
  • Hurricane Loss Analysis
  • Live News Cameras: Report from Andrew Finlayson, WFLD Television
  • EIIP Forum
  • Tornadoes on "Super Tuesday"
  • Salvation Army Relief Report
  • United Kingdom's RedR Program
  • Nevada Levee Failure
  • FEMA Requests Applicants for the National Advisory Council
  • Command and Control Initiative

December 2007 (600 KB PDF)

  • DERA Annual Membership Meeting Details and Registration Information
  • Steven D. Keene, In Memoriam
  • Membership Acknowledgement
  • New Member Roster
  • International Disaster Management Conference, Orlando, Florida, January 31-February 3, 2008
  • Volunteer Opportunities with DERA

September 2007 (800 KB PDF)

  • DERA Annual Membership Meeting Announcement
  • EIIP Celebrates 10-Yeqar Anniversary
  • Brooklyn, New York Tornado Response
  • Smart Cards for Preparedness
  • Salvation Army Leader in Pakistan Murdered
  • Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS)
  • National Institute of Amateur Radio in India
  • SATERN Works!
  • Florida State Logistics Response Center
  • DERA Joins Florida VOAD
  • DERA Seeks Volunteers

June 2007 (485 KB PDF)

  • South Dakota and United Kingdom Flood Reports
  • 3D Laser Technology for Disaster Recovery
  • New DC-10 Air Tankers for Wildfire Attack
  • DERA "Disaster Camp" (page 2, Editor's Column)
  • Low Power FM Stations for Emergencies and Community Information
  • NIUSR Announces Founding of "The Alliance"
  • Tribal Communications Interoperability: Field Report by Jolene Jacobson
  • Greensburg, Kansas Tornado Response Report
  • New Orleans Risk Analysis
  • IAEM: Maintaining Separate Identity for National Weather Service
  • EIIP: Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Readiness & Response Program
  • Earthquake Response in Southwest China

March 2007 (1.3 MB PDF)

  • Report on February 2007 Annual Membership Meeting
  • Disaster Deployment Report by Sal Meloro
  • Members Make Big eBay Donations to DERA
  • Lady Lake, Florida, Disaster Volunteers
  • DHS Grants Overview
  • EIIP Forum: "Getting Down to Business"
  • Fire Communications in Australia
  • NFPA 1600 Summary
  • Firefighting With Robots
  • Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN) Deployment
  • Points of Light Hero Awards
  • DERA Emergency Communications Project
  • 2007 Hurricane Season Prediction
  • IAEM Calendar
  • World Disasters Report
  • Animal Rescue Report by Nancy Thomas

December 2006 (1.23 MB PDF)

  • 2007 Annual Meeting and Strategic Planning Workshop, Orlando, Florida - February 11, 2007
  • December '06 Tornadoes in Florida
  • Digital Geographic Data Program Grants
  • Salvation Army Relief Operations in the Philippines
  • EIIP Virtual Forum: NIMS National Credentialing System
  • Geomagnetic Storm Report
  • Earthquake Damage to Asian Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • VIA3: Secure Collaboration Capabilities
  • Denver Blizzard of '06-'07
  • Regional Natural Disaster Mitigation Grants
  • DHS:2007 Mandate for Interoperable Communications
  • FCC Changes to U.S. Spectrum Allocations
  • DERA Emergency Communications Lifeline

September 2006 (1.65 MB PDF)

  • DERA Mobile Satellite Internet WAN
  • Hospital Emergency communications
  • eBay Garage Sale Benefits DERA
  • LDR donates disaster response database to DERA
  • Business Continuity & Emergency Preparedness Conference, November 13-15, 2006 in San Francisco, CA
  • DERA's Regional Roundup
  • FAIRS: Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service
  • Baycare Emergency Amateur Radio Service (BEARS)
  • What we can learn from the lessons of Hurricane Katrina by James Wades
  • Salvation Army disaster service report
  • Certified Emergency Manager program reaches 1,000th CEM certificate
  • Storm Surge Marker Project
  • 17th World Conference on Disaster Management

June 2006 (465 KB PDF)

  • DERA Prepares for 2006 Atlantic Storm Season
  • DERA Adds Iridium and Globalstar Satellite Phones to Flyaway Communications Kits
  • Donation of Antenna to W4MOE "MOE Van" by George Scott, K1HPH
  • Sal Meloro assumes position as Northeast Regional Coordinator
  • Update on DERA State Liaison positions
  • DERA Awards Program:  Medals for Exceptional Service
  • Emergency Workforce Innovation in Florida
  • Nationwide Plan Review:  EIIP Hosts Webinar on Local Perspectives
  • Updates on FEMA Debris Removal Contracting Procedures
  • Dimensions of Risk Communications
  • Federal Agencies Appoint Community Service Liaisons
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Recognizes Amateur Radio Contributions following Hurricane Katrina
  • Avian Influenza Threat:  Some Good News from the World Health Organization
  • Management of Dead Bodies in Disaster Situations
  • Call for Help with the Disaster Communications Lifeline

March 2006 (415 KB PDF)

  • DERA Mobile Communications Center Rolls Out
  • Why Are Emergency Communications Vehicles Needed?
  • Self powered emergency and field operations radios from FairNote Enterprises
  • IAEM: Statement for the Record on Emergency Preparedness and Response Appropriations
  • $1.1 Billion in Hurricane Relief Funds Available for Schools
  • Former U.S. Surgeon General on Readiness for Bio Disasters
  • 16th World Conference on Disaster Management
  • Evacuation Behavior
  • Hospital and Nursing Home Evacuations
  • Humane Society of the U.S.: Emergency Response Report
  • Salvation Army Response to Midwest Tornadoes
  • NIAR Receives ARRL International Humanitarian Award
  • Hamfest India: 2006, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

December 2005 (475 KB PDF)

  • DERA Emergency Communications Project
  • International Disaster Management Conference 2006 in conjunction with DERA's Workshop on Strategic Planning for Emergency Management:  Orlando, Florida, February 9-12, 2006
  • Annual Membership Meeting:  February 12, 2006 in Orlando, Florida
  • US Navy Emergency Response Management System
  • In Memoriam:  Samuel J. Cullers, Jr. and Dan M. Kirby, K5AIR
  • Satellite Communications System for Disaster Response
  • Lois Clark McCoy (NI/US&R): What Went Right/What Went Wrong
  • Disaster Forensics: Battling Ignorance from the Tsunami to Katrina by Ruth Gidley, AlertNet
  • DHS "SAFECOM" Request for Comments
  • Preview:  IAEM 53rd Annual Conference, November 12-17, 2005
  • Disaster donations sent from India to the U.S.:  NIAR spearheads the effort

September 2005 (675 KB PDF)

  • Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Reports from DERA members in the field
  • DERA Emergency Communications Vehicles
  • Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) - Working around the clock
  • Feed the Children - Emergency service in the U.S. and around the world
  • Salvation Army / SATERN - Major Pat McPherson reports on extensive disaster operations
  • Angel Flight America (AFA) - Emergency support mission report
  • Internet and advanced mapping capabilities in disaster response
  • Preview:  IAEM 53rd Annual Conference, November 12-17, 2005
  • Report from India:  NIAR
  • International Disaster Management Conference 2006 in conjunction with DERA's Workshop on Strategic Planning for Emergency Management:  Orlando, Florida, February 9-12, 2006

June 2005 (700 KB PDF)

  • DERA Awards at Chennai, India Conference
  • Tsunami Update: DERA response teams and list of donors
  • Dayton Activities and Presentations
  • Civil Air Patrol Mobile Command Center
  • Disaster Liability: Cautionary Reports from North Dakota
  • ClinCon 2005
  • Florida Storm Watch
  • Earthquake Activity
  • Mrs. D. Bharathi Prasad Presents Tsunami Briefings at Dayton
  • Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)
  • Web-Based ICS Courses
  • Children's Grief Courses
  • Amateur Radio in Disaster Management: An International Perspective
  • SATERN News

March 2005 (1.8 MB PDF)

  • DERA Awards at Orlando Conference
  • Tsunami:  DERA Response to the December 2004 Tsunami
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Traumatic Stress Management
  • Pets in Disasters
  • Crisis in Schools
  • Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages Discount
  • FireCorps
  • Broadband over Powerline-International Context

December 2004 (1.2 MB PDF)

  •  DERA Disaster Response Mission to Haiti
  •  Florida Hurricane Update
  •  American Disaster Reserve
  •  Philippine Typhoon

September 2004 (1 MB PDF)

  • DERA International Disaster Response Missions
  • DERA Team  Deployment to Haiti
  • DERA Teams in Florida's Panhandle following Hurricane Ivan

June 2004 (1 MB PDF)

  •  Dr. Shrikant Jichkar (DERA officer/NIAR Director) Killed in India
  •  Wes Biggs New DERA Chair
  •  Medical Supplies to Dominica
  •  NVOAD Conference
  •  Earthquake Risk Reduction
  •  NIAR EchoLink in India
  •  Stryker Profile
  •  Skywarn Overview
  •  Broadband over Powerline (BPL) Update

April 2004 (1 MB PDF)

  • New DERA Awards: Distinctive Service Awards, Student Awards, and Member Recognition
  • Jerry VeHaun: Profile of an Exceptional Leader in Emergency Management
  • NIAR Program Activities
  • Broadband over Powerline (BPL)  Nightmare
  • Emergency Management Program Grants ( EMPG) Reductions

December 2003

  • DERA Conference Feb '04  /  NIAR Echolink Nodes

September 2003

  • Global FAIRS Projects  /  Emergency Shelters  /  Terrorism

June 2003

  • International Strategic Master Plan / Sasakawa Award

April 2003

  •  - Abbottville Dirty Bomb / Skywarn Recognition

October 2002

  •  Jerry VeHaun / Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

July 2002

  •  - DERA Workshop Schedule

November 2001

  •  - Fire Rescue Tribute / DERA-WCARS Communications Van

March 2001

  • Dispatcher Stress

October 2000

  • Mihir Bhatt Visits DERA / Dodson Handbook Available

August 2000

  • DERA / NIAR Joint Projects

April 2000

  • Disaster Communications Workshop

December 1999

  • On Scene Report:  Orissa Cyclone

October 1999

  •  Disaster Myths by Dr. Claude de Ville

July 1999

  • World Disaster Reduction / Nelson Mears Project

March 1999

  • Planning for a Safer Tomorrow

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Journal Articles

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