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DERA is a worldwide, member-managed nonprofit disaster service and professional association.


Add your strength to ours...together we will accomplish great things!
You can enhance your mission capabilities by joining DERA and becoming an important part of our worldwide network of members who are respected as leaders in the field of emergency management. 


As a member, you will gain access to DERA's extensive resources and have the opportunity to serve in new and challenging roles.

No matter what your role in emergency management...full-time professional, unpaid volunteer, contractor, student, or just an interested member of the community...there is an important place for you in DERA where you can contribute your own talents while receiving support from others.


DERA members are needed more now than ever before.

DERA members have been leading, mentoring, and diligently serving in all areas of disaster preparedness, response and recovery for more than 40 years.  As technical experts and community leaders, our members have worked together to build stronger defenses against disaster, and have always helped one another and neighboring communities during time of crisis.


You have a place in DERA, whether your interest is Local, National or International.

While DERA provides a worldwide network of members and offers opportunities for international service, many of our members prefer to focus on local, regional, or national issues.  DERA  supports local members with workshops, training opportunities, and networking sessions.


More facts about DERA.

The Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association, International (DERA) was founded in 1962 to assist communities worldwide in disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and to serve as a professional association linking professionals, volunteers, and organizations active in all phases of emergency preparedness and management.


DERA currently has active members around the world, representing national governments, nonprofit associations, official agencies and departments, educational institutions, corporations, small business concerns, emergency management professionals, researchers, and volunteers. 


When you join DERA you immediately become an important part of this vital mission.



Will you join us?  Help Yourself While Serving Others:  Click Here for Secure Online Registration


Copyright 1998-2006, DERA International.  All rights reserved.  "DERA" and the DERA Logo are Service Marks/Trade Marks (TM) of the Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association, Inc., Denver, Colorado USA, and may not be used without permission.