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SEVERE Severe Risk of Terrorist Attacks
HIGH High risk of Terrorist Attacks
  ELEVATED Significant Risk of Terrorist Attacks
GUARDED Minimal Risk of Terrorist Attacks
LOW Low Risk of Terrorist Attacks


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Disaster Assistance is managed jointly by a Federal Coordinating Officer (FCO) and a State Coordinating Officer (SCO).  The FCO, the lead Federal Officer at the DFO, heads the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and leads and coordinates the timely delivery of all Federal disaster assistance to support and local governments and to assist the affected individuals.  The major DFO sections are: Operations (includes Operations Support, Human Services, Infrastructure Support and Emergency Services), Information & Planning (ESF-5), Logistics (includes Supply, Resource Managment, Information Services, Coordination & Planning, and Support Services). and Administration (includes Personnel and Employee Services).


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U.S. Government Credit Card: CitiBank Visa Card (1-800-790-7206)

National Travel - FEMA Travel Management Center (800) 294-8283 

National Travel Website http://www.nationaltravel.com/fema.html 

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FEMA Operational Response Levels

Level III   Minor An event/incident involving minor to average levels of damage, which may result in a Presidential declaration of an emergency or disaster.  Some Federal involvement may be requested by State and local jurisdictions, and the request will be met by existing Federal regional resources.
Level II Moderate An event/incident involving moderate levels of damage which will likely result in a major Presidential disaster declaration, with moderate Federal assistance.  Federal regional resources will be fully engaged, and possible other Federal regional offices outside the affected area may be called upon to contribute resources.  Select national resources may also be utilized.
Level I Massive An event/incident involving massive levels of damage, with severe impact or multi-state scope.  This level of event will result in a Presidential disaster declaration, with major Federal involvement and full engagement of Federal regional and national resources.


Teams Listing

CBRDT- Chem/Bio Rapid Deployment Team Provides expertise from multiple Federal agencies in assessment of situations involving chemical or biological intervention.
CGSTRIKE -US Coast Guard Strike Team (USCG)  (Contact Info in Handbook)
DMAT- Disaster Medical Assistance Team Provides physicians, nurses, and technicians for austere medical care. (HHS) (Contact Info in Handbook)
DMORT- Disaster Mortuary Assistance Team Provides temporary morgue facility, victim identification, processing , rep aration, and disposal of remains. (HHS) (Contact Info To be Provided)
EMRT- Emergency Medical Response Team Provides a variety of medical services to assist in the reconstitution of the medical infrastructure at a health care facility. (VA) (Contact Info in Handbook)
EPA/ERT- Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Response Team 
EPA/RERT- Environmental Protection Agency Radiological Emergency Response Team Responds to accidents at nuclear power plants to transportation accidents involving shipments of radioactive materials and can include deliberate acts of nuclear terrorism. (EPA) (Contact Info in Handbook)
ERT- Emergency Response Team (FEMA) Provides coordination for Federal response and recovery activities within a State.
Region I (617) 223-9505 (617) 223-9507 (800) 213-8965 Region II (212) 225-7007 (212) 225-7005 (800) 213-8965 Region III (215) 931-5622 (215) 931-5664 (800) 792-6196 Region IV (770) 220-5301 (770) 220-5344 (800) 792-6196 Region V (312) 408-5506 (312) 408-5599 (800) 311-7021 Region VI (940) 898-5570 (940) 898-5163 (800) 260-5110 Region VII (816) 283-7090 (816) 283-7042 (800) 260-5110 Region VIII (303) 235-4904 (303) 235-4939 (800) 311-7021 Region IX (415) 923-7250 (415) 923-7112 (800) 395-6042 : Region X (425) 487-4688 (425) 487-4741 (800) 395-6042
ERT -A -Emergency Response Team, Advance Element  (FEMA Regions) Provides disaster assessment coordination for Federal response activities within a State.
ERT-N - National Emergency Response Team  Provides coordination support for the Federal response and recovery activities within a State for catastrophic or high-visibility disasters. (FEMA)
EPA/ERT Environmental Protection Agency/Environmental Response Team (Contact Info To be Provided)
EST- Emergency Support Team Provides interagency resource coordination support to the Federal Coordinating Officer, ERT,, and Emergency Support Functions. Serves as the central point for information at the Head Quarters level. (FEMA Regions)
FIRE CREW -Fire Crews Suppress and extinguish wildland  fires, debris clearing, and general labor force. (USDA) (Contact Info in Handbook)
HAZMAT. Hazardous Material Monitoring Analysis and Cleanup Team Monitoring. analysis. and clean-up team. (EPA) (Contact Info in Handbook)
IMT- Incident Management Team Sets up and operates mobilization centers.(USDA/FS)
IST- US&R Incident Support Team Manages ESF #9 assets (FEMA Headquarters) (Contact Info in Handbook)
MATTS -Mobile Air Transportable Telecommunications System Provides a wide range of telecommunications and information management support to Emergency Response Teams. (FEMA Headquarters/NECC) (Contact Info in Handbook)
MERRT- Medical Emergency Radiological Response Team Provides physicians and nuclear physicists to supplement an institution providing medical care.  (VA) (Contact Info in Handbook)
MERS -Mobile Emergency Response Support Detachment Provides a wide range of communications, life sustaining, and basic resource SUDDOrt to first responders. (FEMA Headquarters/NECC) (Contact Info in Handbook)
MMST- Metro Medical Strike Team Provides assistance in the medical treatment/management of chemical, biological, or nuclear incidents resulting from deliberate or accidental acts. (HHS) (Contact Info in Handbook)
MST .Management Support Unit Manages field health and medical resources. (HHS) (Contact Info in Handbook)
POWER -Prime Power Technical Assistance Team Provides advice and technical assistance in all aspects of electrical power and distribution systems. (USACE) (Contact Info To be Provided)
ROC-Regional Operations Center Staff Provides interagency resource coordination support to the Federal Coordinating Officer, ERT, and Emergency Support Functions. Serves as the central point for information at the regional level.
US&R .Urban Search & Rescue Task Force Locates, extricates, and medically treats victims of collapsed structures (FEMA) (FEMA Headquarters/NECC) (Contact Info in Handbook)


FEMA Emergency Response Team Organization Chart