Mission: To support planning and decision making through the development and delivery of products and services.

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Organization: The Branch consists of four designated functional positions: Branch Chief, GIS Coordinator, GIS Specialist, Remote Sensing Coordinator, Technical Specialist.

Functions: (1) Produces, coordinates the development and generation of Geographic Information System (GIS) based products.   GIS categories include: predictive modeling, operational mapping and reference mapping. (2) Identifies Remote Sensing requirements and generates requests and provides coordination. FEMA "Remote Sensing Standard Operating Procedures" 9321.1PR. (3) Provides or obtains subject matter expertise in key technical and scientific areas. Examples are Cartography (Maps), Ecologist, Hydrologist, Imagery Analyst, Meteorologist, Oceanographer, Seismologist and Volcanologist.  


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Technical Support

FEMA Anti-Virus Home Page

  Mt Weather Techlab for ITS (540) 542-4488

Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Form To use TACACS an account must be set up using the application form. TACACS  provides dial-in capabilities to employees other agencies and contractors to access the FEMA Intranet for official business reasons only.   Access is on a need basis and requires FEMA branch management and/or sponsor approval to set up user accounts.



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Amateur Radio Call Sign Lookup North American Center for Emergency Communications Incident Communications Support Unit Skywarn Net (Amateur Radio)


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Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking

Aerial Photos CEOS Earth Observatory
NASA NOAA (Disaster Mgmt) NOAA (Fire)
GOES (NOAA) GLIS (USGS)                        Operational Significant Event Imagery (NOAA)


FEMA HQ Mapping and Analysis Center Support

The FEMA HQ Mapping and Analysis Center (MAC) can provide GIS support to DFOs that do not have an on-site GIS capability, as well as to DFOs that require GIS analyses and support either in addition to their on-site capability or prior to the implementation of their on-site capability. The DFO staff should submit their requests to the MAC using the "Request for Map Production and Data Analyses" form.  A copy of this form is contained within the electronic copy of the GIS  SOP found on the GIS Bulletin Board at Requests can also be submitted through the NEMIS Intranet site at The MAC GIS page can be found in the "NEMIS Reference Library." Staff members in the GIS Team will gladly work with individuals in the DFO to determine how to fulfill these requests and to answer any questions. Even after DFO staff have worked with representatives in the GIS Team to clarify requests, DFO staff are reminded to document and submit their requests, using the "Request for Map Production and Data Analyses"

All requests must be backed-up by faxing a copy of the completed request form to the GIS Team at 202-646-4652.

Online Map Creation (OMC) This site allows a person to create an on-line or downloadable map (in any of several different projections) by simply entering the coordinates and defining the qualities, such as political boundaries, rivers and lakes, cities, topography, tectonic features, seismic faults, etc.