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NATIONAL RESPONSE CENTER  To report a chemical Accident: 1-800-424-8802


Chemical Incident Report Center (CIRC)

CHEMTREC (Transportation)

National Reponse Team (Policy Guidance)

North American Emergency Response Guidebook (NAERG96)

Toxic Releases Inventory (EPA)


American Chemical Society (ACS)American National Standards Institute, American Society of Testing and Materials, AOAC International, Association of Chemical Industry (Texas), Chemical Industry Association Listings, Chemical Manafacturers Association, Chemical Specialties Manafacuturers Association (CSMA), Chlorine Chemistry Council, Compressed Gas Association, Institution of Chemical Engineers, Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME),  Institute for Safety Through Design,  International Association of Drilling Contractors, International Society of Explosives Engineers, Federation of State Chemical Associations, National Association of Chemical Distributors, National Safety Council, Ohio Chemical Council(OCC), Pennsylvania Chemical Industry Council, The Rocky Mountain Hazardous Materials Association, Safety Equipment Institute, Society for Chemical Hazard Communication, Society of the Chemical Industry, Society of Petroleum Engineers, System Safety Society, Texas Chemical Council, The Chlorine Institute


Cheminfo ( Indiana U), Chem Safety (Stanford U), Chemical Safety & Hazard Information (U of Wisconsin), Harvard Chemistry Safety Office, Hazardous Chemical Data Base (U of Akron), Hazards Research Lab (USC), HAZARDNET, Incompatible Chemicals (Oklahoma State), Incompatible Chemicals (U of Kentucky), NFPA Lable Codes (MSU), Pictorial Periodic Table (Maricopa), Reactive Chemicals (Smith), Transportation Resource Exchange Center (ATR Institute, U of Mexico)

Business & Industry

American Petroleum Institute, Anhydrous Ammonia Safety,    A Refresher Course in Chemical Safety, BOC Gases Technical Information, Center for Hazard Information, Chemical Online, Chemical Process Safety Report, Chemical Safety Corporation, CHEMTREC (CMa)Corporate Environmental,Health & Safety Management Roundtable, Federal Services, Inc.Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI), Good Neighbor Project for Sustainable IndustriesHazmat Central, Hazard Materials Planner,  International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration, Kappler Suit Smart,  KnowledgeWire Compliance Management Courses, National Resource for Global Standards (NSSN Basic)New Pig Corporation (HAZMAT Supplies)OSHA Data (Commercial Service)Pharmaceutical Drug Data Base,   PlantSafe for Windows NTPortable HazMat Systems, Right-to-Know News, Risk Management Program Handbook, Ship Analytics (Oil Spills),  Strongware (Safety Templates), Unifold Shelters (DECON, HAZMAT), Underwriters  Laboratories Inc., Worldsafety


Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry (CDC), Brookhaven National Laboratory (Chem Mgmt), CDC Personal Protective Equipment Program, Chemical and Biological Internet Directory (US Army), Chemical Reactive Worksheet (NOAA), Community Right-to-Know (EPA/RTK), CEPPO, CERCLA (Superfund), Chem Safety, Census of Fatal Occupational InjuriesCSEPP, Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board, Emergency Response Notification System (EPA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ENVIROFACTS Data Base (EPA), EPA National Response Team Plan (ONE PLAN),   Environmental Safety and Health Technical Information Services (DOE)Hazardous Materials Accidents (NTSB~Reports), Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (FEMA), Hazardous Materials Guide for First Response,  Hazardous Material Safety (DOT), Hazardous Materials Information eXchange (HIMIX ~ANL), International Chemical Safety Cards (NIOSH)Local Emergency Planning Committes (LEPCs)National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, National Response Team-Oil and Hazardous Substances, (NRT)National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), National Transportation Safety Board, NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards, North American Emergency Response,  NOAA HAZMAT, Nuclear Power Plant Emergency, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Ocean Resources Conservation and Assessment (ORCA), Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (EM and Preparedness), Pipeline Mapping (USDOT), Process Safety Management Fact Sheet (OSHA), Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program, Radioactive Materials Transportation Emergency Response (DOE), Rapid Response Information System (FEMA), Sector Facility Indexing Project (EPA), Superfund (EPA),  TOXIC RELEASE INVENTORY ~ TRI  (EPA), Toxic Release Inventory System (TRIS),  T-REX (Transportation of Radioactive Materials) 1-877-287-8739, Toxic Substances Hydrology Program (USGS), U.S. Army Hazardous and Medical Waste Program, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) ~Chemical Safety, U.S. Risk Management Plans On-Line Data Base (EPA)


Chemical Safety Data Bases (International),  Inventory on Information Sources on Chemicals (United Nations), Material Safety Data Sheets (Cornell U), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Material Safety Data Sheets (DOC), Material Safety Data Sheets (Kansas State University), Material Safety Data Sheets - Military Unique, Material Safery Data Sheets (U of Kentucky), Material Safety Data Sheets (U of Vermont), NIOSH Data Bases, The Right-to-Know Network


ChemCenter(ACS), Chemical Hazard Community Watch,   Environmental Defense Fund, Environmental Health Center (National Safety Council), Envirotech On-Line, Hazardous Materials Advisory Council (HMAC), Institute of Gas Technology, LEPC Information ExchangeNational Pollution Prevention Roundtable, Paint and Coatings Resource Center, Paint and Coatings Online Forum, Periodic Table for Children, RTK Net, Safety Online, The Chemical Scorecard, The National Oil Refinery Action Network (NORAN),   U.S. Public Interest Research Group