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The Emergency Management Gold! Library is an integration of information relating to Academia (Education), Business and Industry, Government (Federal, State and Local) and Volunteers (NGOs) in Emergency Management. This integration is intended in order to make it easier to locate resources.  Note: Locations (URLs) on the Internet can change or are removed. This means that some of the hypertext in the Library may not be linked to a viable site. In this case, a search engine (Webtools) may be needed to locate new sites or more information on the specific subject. The "WWW Virtual Library" is another great online resource.  Disclaimer: Listing in this library does not imply or constitute endorsement and this site is not commercially funded or sponsored in any way. Any information on this site is made under the protection of "Good Samaritan" Law. The Webmaster makes no express or implied representations or warranties, and does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy or timeliness of the information contained on Emergency Management Gold! Use this information at your own risk and User(s) assume(s) full responsibility or any loss resulting from its' use. The Webmaster will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages or any other damages whatsoever, whether in an action based upon a statute, contract, or tort, (including, without limitation negligence) or otherwise, relating to the use of this information. 2000


1-Academia (Universities and Colleges)
2-Associations (Professional)
3-Business (Commerce and Industry)
4-Comm/Satellites/Remote Sensing.  
5-Computers (Emergency and General
6-Conferences (EM Related)
7-Earth Sciences (Includes Weather)
8-Emergency Management Agencies
9-Federal Emergency Management Agency
10-First Response Agencies(EMS,Fire,Police)
11-Global Emergency Management System 
12-Local (EM and Government)
13-Maps (Map Resources Online)
14-Media (EM and General Info Resources)
15-Medical (ESF-8: Medical, Mental, Vet)
16-Measures (Time, Tides, Cycles)
17-Other Federal Agencies (US Govt)
18-State (WWW Sites)
19-Volunteers (Churches, NGOs)
20-Webtools (Browsers, ISPs, Services)

English: The Virtual Library is a grouping of information relating to education, business and industry, government and volunteers in emergency management. The Library has been translated into many languages to assist those who use english as a second language.   To translate information in this site to French, German, Itailian, Portugese or Spanish use babelfish.altavista.digital.com
Czech: Skutecn knihovna jsem skupina od zprva od vchova, povoln a prumyslov odvetv, vlda a dobrovolnk v nepredvdan prpad obratn zachzen. Knihovna mel jsem prelozit do mnoho rec k pomoct komu ti kdo uzvat anglicky jak 2 rec.Knihovna stul od obsah(TOC) -1 vchova -2 sdruzen -3 povoln -4 prenšen -5 poctac-6 porada -7 zeme veda -8 nepredvdan prpad obratn zachzen pusoben -9 spolkov nepredvdan prpad obratn zachzen pusoben( FEMA) -10 1 responders( ohen, lkarsk, policie, SAR) -11 kulovit nepredvdan prpad obratn zachzen soustava(GEMS) -12 mstn nepredvdan prpad managment -13 mapa -14 mra 15-media -16 lkarsk -17 jin spolkov pusoben(USA) -18 stav vlda( USA) -19 volunteeers -20 WWW
Danish: De virtuel bibliotek is gruppering af information af uddannelse, forretning og industri, regeringen og frivillig i ndsituation ledelse. De bibliotek haft been overstte into mange sprog til hjlp those hvem anvendelse engelsk idet 2 sprog. Bibliotek bord af indehold(TOC) -1 uddannelse -2 sammenslutningen -3 forretning -4 kommunikation -5 computer -6 konference -7 jorden videnskab -8 ndsituation ledelse agentur -9 federal ndsituation ledelse agentur( FEMA) -10 1 responders( ild, medicinsk, politi, SAR) -11 global ndsituation ledelse system(GEMS) -12 lokal ndsituation managment -13 kort -14 mle 15-media -16 medicinsk -17 anden federal agentur(USA) -18 staten regeringen(USA) -19 volunteeers -20 WWW
Dutch: De Virtual bibliotheek is groepering of informatie of onderwijs, zaken en industrie, regering en vrijwilliger in noodsituatie management. De bibliotheek gehad been vertaald into veel spraak jegens hulp degenen wie gebruik engels als 2 spraak.Bibliotheek tafel of inhoud(TOC) -1 onderwijs -2 vereniging -3 zaken -4 communicatie -5 computer -6 conferentie -7 aarde wetenschap -8 noodsituatie management agencies -9 federaal noodsituatie management Agency( FEMA) -10 1 responders( vuur, medisch, politie, SAR) -11 wereldomvattend noodsituatie management systeem(GEMS) -12 lokal noodsituatie managment -13 maps -14 maat 15-media -16 medisch -17 ander federaal agencies( USA) -18 stav vlda(USA) -19 volunteeers -20 WWW
Esperanto: Des virtual bibliotek est a grup da information da education, negoc kaj industri, government kaj volunteers en emergency management.  Des bibliotek hav est traduk into many idiom al help those who uz angl as a 2 idiom. Bibliotek tabl da kontent(TOC) -1 education -2 asoci -3 negoc -4 communications -5 computers -6 konferenc -7 ter ik -8 emergency management agencies -9 Federal Emergency Management Agency( FEMA) -10 1 responders( fajr, medical, polic, SAR) -11 global emergency management sistem(GEMS) -12 local emergency managment -13 map -14 mezur 15-media -16 medical -17 ali federal agencies(USA) -18 sxtat governments(USA) -19 volunteeers -20 WWW
Finnish: Faktinen kirjasto is jaotella of ilmianto of kasvatus, ammatti and ahkeruus, hallinto and tarjokas kuluessa httapaus hallinta. Kirjasto hankkia been knt into usea kielenkytt to apu those who apu Englanti koska 2 kielenkytt.Kirjasto esitt of pitoisuus(TOC) -1 kasvatus -2 assosiaatio -3 ammatti -4 ajatusten vaihto -5 computers -6 kokous -7 kolo luonnontiede -8 httapaus hallinta agentuuri -9 federatiivinen httapaus hallinta agentuuri( FEMA) -10 1 responders( ammunta, lketieteellinen, jrjestysvalta, SAR) -11 global httapaus hallinta elimist(GEMS) -12 ammattiosasto httapaus managment -13 kartta -14 kohtuus 15-media -16 lketieteellinen -17 toinen federatiivinen agentuuri(USA) -18 arvo hallinto(USA) -19 volunteeers -20 WWW
French: La bibliothque virtuelle est groupement un de l' information de l'ducation, industrie commerciale et ete, gouvernement volontaires et dans la crise la gestion. La bibliothque a t traduite en beaucoup de langues aider de l' utilisation ce quie anglais comme une langue seconde. Pour traduire d'autres disposatifs dansce site, utilisez babelfish.altavista.digital.com La bibliothque table des contentements (TOC) 1-l'ducation 2-associations 3-commercial 4-communications 5-ordinateurs 6-confrences 7-sciencess la terres 8-crise agences la gestionnes 9-Crise Fdrale Agence La gestionne (FEMA) 10-premier responders (balancer, des mdicauxs, policier, SAR) 11-crise globale systmes la gestion (GEMS) 12-crise locale managment 13-transforme 14-les mesures 15-mdia 16-mdical 17-autres agences fdrales (LES USA) 18-gouvernements noncers (LES USA) 19-volunteeers 20-WWW
German: Das Eigentliche Archiv ist ein Groupierung von Information Ausbildungs, Geschft und Industrie, Regierung und volontiere in Notfall Handhabung. Dases Archiv ist gewesenin vielee Sprachen zu beistehen jene deren Verwendung englisch als ein zweiter Sprache. Um andere Eigenschaften in dieser Site zu bersetzen, verwenden Sie babelfish.altavista.digital.com Bcherei Tabelle von Inhalte (TOC) 1-Bildung 2-Verbnde 3-Geschft 4-Mitteilungen 5-Computer 6-Konferenzen 7-Erde Wissenschaft 8-Notfall Handhabung Agenturen 9-Bundes- Notfall Handhabung Agentur (Fema) 10-Erster Responders (feure, rztlich, Polizei, Sar)11-global Notfall Handhabung System (GEMS) 12-rtlich Notfall Managment 13-kartographiert 14-misst 15-Medien 16-rztlich 17-ander Bundes- Agenturen (USA) 18-angeben Regierungen (USA) 19-Volunteeers 20-WWW
Hungarian: Tnyleges Library is egy csoport of informci of oktats, teendo and ipar, kormnyzat and nkntes in szksgllapot vezets. Library has been translatted into many nyelv to tmogat those who hasznl angol as egy 2 nyelv. Library asztal of elgedett(TOC) -1 oktats -2 egyesls -3 teendo -4 kommunikci -5 computers -6 rtekezlet -7 fld tudomny -8 szksgllapot managment gynksg -9 szvetsgi szksgllapot Managment gynksg( FEMA) -10 1 responders( kilo, orvosi, rendorsg, SAR) 11-global szksgllapot vezets rendszer(GEMS) -12 helyi szksgllapot vezets -13 trkp -14 mr -15 media -16 orvosi 17-other szvetsgi gynksg( USA) -18 llapot kormnyzat( USA) -19 nkntes -20 WWW
Indonesian: Virtual perpustakaan ada seperti badan of informasi of pendidikan, business dan industry, government dan volunteers dalam hal emergency management. Perpustakaan harus ada translatted ke dalam banyak bahasa prokem kepada membantu those siapa pakai english seperti seperti 2 bahasa prokem. Perpustakaan meja of senang(TOC) -1 pendidikan -2 associations -3 business -4 communications -5 komputer -6 rapat -7 tanah ilmu -8 emergency managment badan -9 Federal Emergency Managment badan( FEMA) -10 1 responders( api, medical, polisi, SAR) 11-global emergency management system(GEMS) -12 local emergency management -13 peta -14 meng -15 media -16 medical 17-other federal badan( USA) -18 negara governments( USA) -19 volunteers -20 WWW
Italian: Gli effettiva biblioteca is poich raggruppamenti di informazione relating a educazione, affare e industria, governo e volontario in emergenza gestione. Gli biblioteca abbi been translatted into molti lingua a assiste quelli che uso inglese poich poich 2 lingua. Traddure altre caratteristiche in questo luogo, usare babelfish.altavista.digital.com Biblioteca tabella di contenuto(TOC) -1 educazione -2 associazione -3 affare -4 comunicazione -5 computer -6 conferenza -7 terra scienza -8 emergenza managment agenzia -9 federale emergenza Managment agenzia( FEMA) -10 1 responders( fuoco, medica, polizia, SAR) 11-global emergenza gestione sistema(GEMS) -12 locale emergenza gestione -13 mappa -14 misura -15 media -16 medica 17-other federale agenzia( USA) -18 stato governo( USA) -19 volontario -20 WWW
Norwegian: De virtuell bibliotek is en gruppering av informasjon berette til undervisning, forretning og industri, regjering og frivillig i ndsituasjon ledelse. De bibliotek har been translatted into mange sprk til bist those hvem anvendelse english idet en 2 sprk. Bibliotek bord av innhold(TOC) -1 undervisning -2 sammenslutning -3 forretning -4 kommunikasjon -5 computer -6 konferanse -7 jorden vitenskap -8 ndsituasjon managment agentur -9 fderal ndsituasjon Managment agentur( FEMA) -10 1 responders( ild, medisinsk, politi, SAR) 11-global ndsituasjon ledelse system(GEMS) -12 lokal ndsituasjon ledelse -13 kart -14 mlt -15 media -16 medisinsk 17-other fderal agentur( USA) -18 stat regjering( USA) -19 frivillig -20 WWW
Polish:  Przedimek okreslony faktyczny biblioteka byc organizacja grupy od dana opowiadac zeby edukacja, biznes i przemysl, zarzadzanie i ochotnik w niebezpieczenstw zarzadzanie.  Przedimek okreslony biblioteka has byc translatted do duzo jezyk zeby pomagac tamci kto poslugiwac sie english gdy 2 jezyk. Biblioteka przedstawiac od tresc( TOC) -1 edukacja -2 asocjacja -3 biznes -4 komunikacja -5 komputer -6 narada -7 nora nauka -8 niebezpieczenstw managment agencja -9 federacyjny niebezpieczenstw Managment agencja( FEMA) -10 1 responders( ogien, medyczny, policja, SAR) 11-global niebezpieczenstw zarzadzanie system( GEMS) -12 miejscowy niebezpieczenstw zarzadzanie -13 sporzadzac mape -14 mierzyc -15 media -16 medyczny 17-other federacyjny agencja( USA) -18 panstw zarzadzanie( USA) -19 ochotnik -20 WWW
Portugese:  A virtuais bibliotecas is um agrupamento of informao reconta a educao, negcio e indstria, govrno e voluntrio em emergncia gerncia. A bibliotecas havei been translatted into muitas idioma a acorre aquelas quem uso inglesa as um 2 idioma. Para traduzir outras caracteristicas neste local, use babelfish.altavista.digital.com Bibliotecas mesa of contedo( TOC) -1 educao -2 associao -3 negcio -4 comunicao -5 computador -6 conferncia -7 earth cincia -8 emergncia managment agncia -9 federais emergncia Managment agncia( FEMA) -10 1 responders( fogo, mdica, polcia, SAR) 11-global emergncia gerncia sistema( GEMS) -12 locais emergncia gerncia -13 mapa -14 medida -15 media -16 mdica 17-other federais agncia( USA) -18 state govrno( USA) -19 voluntrio -20 WWW
Romainian: Virtual biblioteca fi grouping of informatie relating to education, afacere si industrie, guvern si volunteers in emergency management. Biblioteca avea fi translatted into many limba to assist those who ntrebuintare english as 2 limba. Biblioteca masa of contents( TOC) -1 education -2 associations -3 afacere -4 communications -5 computers -6 conferences -7 earth stiinta -8 emergency managment agencies -9 Federal Emergency Managment Agency( FEMA) -10 1 responders( foc, medical, police, SAR) 11-global emergency management system( GEMS) -12 local emergency management -13 harta -14 measures -15 media -16 medical 17-other federal agencies( USA) -18 state guvern( USA) -19 volunteers -20 WWW
Slovak: Virtual Library bol zoskupit od informacie relating do education, zalezitost a industry, government a volunteers do emergency riadenie. Library has bol translatted into vela languages do assist those kto pouzivat english as 2 language.  Library stol od contents( TOC) -1 education -2 zdruzenie -3 zalezitost -4 communications -5 computers -6 conferences -7 zem sciences -8 emergency managment agencies -9 Federal Emergency Managment Agency( FEMA) -10 1 responders( zapalit, lekarsky, policia, SAR) 11-global emergency riadenie system( GEMS) -12 local emergency riadenie -13 maps -14 measures -15 media -16 lekarsky 17-other federal agencies( USA) -18 statny governments( USA) -19 volunteers -20 WWW
Spanish: La Biblioteca Virtual es un coleccin de informacin relacionado a educacin, negocios, industria, gobierno y voluntarios de emergencia y direccin. La biblioteca ha sido traducida en muchos idiomas para asistir aquellas personas que usan el ingls como un segundo idioma. Para traducir otras caracteristicasen este sitio,utilice babelfish.altavista.digital.com babelfish.altavista.digital.com Biblioteca archivo de contenidos (TOC) 1-educacin 2-asociaciones 3-negocios 4-comunicaciones 5-computadoras  6-conferencias 7-ciencias de la tierra 8-agencias de direccin de emergencias 9-agencia federal de direccin de emergencias (FEMA) 10-respuestas a incidentes (fuego, medica, polica, busqueda y rescate (SAR) 11-sistema de direccin global de emergencia (GEMS) 12-direccin local de emergencia 13-mapas 14-medidas 15-medios de comunicacin 16-informacin mdica 17-otras agencias federales (USA) 18-gobiernos de estado (USA) 19-voluntarios 20-WWW
Swahili: Virtual maktaba kuwa kama chama a aridhio husiana kwa elimu, amali aidha industry, dola aidha jitoa katika emergency udhibiti.   Maktaba enye kuwa fasiri into ingi lugha kwa auni hivyo ambao mafaa ingereza kama kama 2 lugha. Maktaba jedwali a ridhi( TOC) -1 elimu -2 chama -3 amali -4 mawasiliano -5 computers -6 conferences 7-earth elimu -8 emergency udhibiti chombo -9 federal emergency udhibiti chombo( FEMA) -10 1 responders( fyetua, tiba, askari, SAR) -11 global emergency udhibiti mfumo(GEMS) -12 kienyeji emergency udhibiti -13 ramani -14 chenezo -15 media -16 tiba -17 engine federal chombo( USA) -18 dola dola( USA) -19 volunteeers -20 WWW
Swedish: Den virtuell bibliotek is en gruppering av information relating till bildning, affr och industri, regering och frivillig i ndlge management.  Den bibliotek ha been versatt in mnga sprk till assistera dom vem bruk engelska som en 2 sprk. Bibliotek bord av innehll(TOC) -1 bildning -2 sammanslutning -3 affr -4 communications -5 dator -6 conferences 7-earth vetenskap -8 ndlge management agentur -9 federal ndlge management agentur( FEMA) -10 1 responders( brand, medicinsk, polis, SAR) -11 global ndlge management system( GEMS) -12 drvarande ndlge management -13 karta -14 mta -15 media -16 medicinsk -17 andra federal agentur(USA) -18 stat regering(USA) -19 volunteeers -20 WWW
Tagalog: Ang Virtual silid aklatan is grupo ng inpormasyon ikuwento to pinag-aralan, negosyo at sipag, pamahalaan at boluntaryo in emerhensiya pamamahala.  Ang silid aklatan magkaroon been isalin into marami pananalita to assist those sino kagamitan english as 2 pananalita.Silid aklatan mesa o hapag ng contents( TOC) -1 pinag-aralan -2 associations -3 negosyo -4 communications -5 computers -6 conferences 7-earth agham -8 emerhensiya pamamahala ahensiya -9 federal emerhensiya pamamahala ahensiya( FEMA) -10 1 responders( apoy, medical, pulis, SAR) -11 global emerhensiya pamamahala paraan(GEMS) -12 lokal emerhensiya pamamahala -13 mapa -14 sukatan -15 media -16 medical -17 iba federal ahensiya( USA) -18 estado pamahalaan( USA) -19 volunteeers -20 WWW
Thai: ͹ ͧش ͹ of 觷͡ Ǣͧѹ ѧ ֡ ͺ, çҹ§վ ءԨ and ѹ, Ѱ and Ѥ ˵ةءԹ èѴ.  ͧش Ҩҡ into ҡ繨ӹǹҡ ѧ ͧ ҹ ѧ ͹ ͹ 2 .ͧش of úҭ( TOC) -1 ֡ ͺ -2 Ҥ -3 çҹ§վ ءԨ -4 communications -5 ͧ -6 ûЪ 7-earth Էʵ -8 ˵ةءԹ èѴ agencies -9 觡Сѹ ˾ѹ ˵ةءԹ èѴ agency( FEMA) -10 1 responders( ش Դ ԧ, ǡѺᾷ, Ǩ, SAR) -11 ˵ةءԹ èѴ к( ) -12 ˵ةءԹ èѴ -13 maps -14 Ѵ -15 media -16 ǡѺᾷ -17 other 觡Сѹ ˾ѹ agencies( Ѱԡ) -18 ʶҹ Ѱ( Ѱԡ) -19 volunteeers -20 WWW
Turkish: Gerek olmayan kitaplik olmak gruplara ayirmak nin bilgi anlatmak -e dogru egitim, is ve sanayii, government ve gnll asker de zuhur idare.   Kitaplik almak olmak evirmek iine bir hayli kfr -e dogru yardim etmek those kim kullanma Ingiliz alt sinif 2 kfr. Kitaplik masa nin rahatlik( TOC) -1 egitim -2 birlesme -3 is -4 haberlesme -5 bilgisayar -6 konferans 7-earth fen -8 zuhur idare vasita -9 federal zuhur idare vasita( FEMA) -10 1 responders( ates, medical, polis, SAR) -11 dnyayi ilgilendiren zuhur idare usul( KIYMETLI TAS) -12 mahalli zuhur idare -13 harita -14 l -15 media -16 medical -17 baska federal vasita( USA) -18 beyan governments( USA) -19 volunteeers -20 WWW