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Updated:  31 Jul 2005

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Dive Rescue International, Mountain Rescue AssociationNational Association of Search and Rescue (NASAR), National Institute for SAR(NI/USR), Organization Rescate Humboldt (Venezuela), Search  and Rescue Magazine, The Search and Rescue Institute

Civil Air Patrol (CAP)

Civil Air Patrol (National): Iowa, Maine,  Maryland , New Mexico, North Carolina, Nebraska (Offutt), New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas


CMC Rescue Equipment, Emergency Lifeline (Equipment)


Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC), Canadian Coast Guard, Centre County SAR (PA), Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary), FEMA Urban Search and Rescue, National Urban Search and Rescue Response System,  National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center (TEEXWEB), Rescue Coordnation Centers (UASF/USCG), SARSAT Emergency Beacons, United States Mission Control Center (Cospas-Sarsat), U.S. Coast Guard, US&R Task Force Equipment Cache List, US&R Task Force Rotation Schedule


Alaska SAR Dogs, Avalanche Dogs, CARDA (California), Canine Search Rescue, Florida Special K-9, K-9 Home Page, Inland Empire BloodhoundsKansas Search and Rescue Dog Association ,  Mountain Canine Corps (MC2), National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, National SAR Dog Directory, Norwegion Rescue DogsPolice Dog Home Page, Tracking Dogs, Sedgwick County EM K9 Search Team (KS) , Star 1 Search and Technical Rescue (Iowa)US Police Canine Association  SAR Dog Specialties: Airscenting, Tracking, Disaster, Cadaver, Water Search


SAR Contacts, SAR Team Links, WWW Site Lists (Captain's PicK)


Missing Persons Locator Service


Rescue Coordination Centre Nova Scotia (Canada), Royal Canadian Mounted Police SAR


911BC Online (Wisconsin), American Rescue Team International (ARTI), Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue, Boulder Emergency Squad, California Explorer SAR, California Task Force-7Civil Air Patrol, CAP Graphics, Greater Philadelphia SARNortheast Search and Rescue (PA), Portage Co. (WI),  Rescue InternationalSacramento US&R (CA), San Jose (CA), Santa Barbara (CA), SARINFO, SAR Council of New Jersey, Search One Rescue Team (TX), Socorro (NM),  South East Louisiana Search & Rescue, Team Echo, Urban Heavy Rescue