Updated: 27 April 2003

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SEVERE Severe Risk of Terrorist Attacks
HIGH High risk of Terrorist Attacks
  ELEVATED Significant Risk of Terrorist Attacks
GUARDED General Risk of Terrorist Attacks
LOW Low Risk of Terrorist Attacks


Global Intelligence Updates



EMed ProfessionalInternational Association of Counterterrorism and Security ProfessionalsInstitute of International Research,  Operational Security Professionals Society (OPSEC)


Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry (CDC), Anthrax Protocol (AAEM) Anthrax (OSHA),    Bioterror Medical Alert, Bioterrorism Hospital Preparedness Program,  Bioterrorism and SmallpoxCenter for Civilian Biodefense Studies (John Hopkins)Clinicians Biodefense Network (John Hopkins)CDC Smallpox Response Plan and Guidelines,  CDC Small Pox SupplementCenter for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (U of Minnesota),  Countering the Anthrax ThreatDefense Against Toxin Weapons,  NATO Handbook on the Medical Aspects of NBC Defensive Operations, DOD Global Infections SystemElements of Effective Bioterrorism PreparednessEnvironmental Sampling for Bacillus anthracisGuide to Chemical and Biological Decon Equipment, Medical Responses to Bioterrorism (Physicians News), Medical Responses to Terrorist Attacks (NCID), Rare Infections and Potential Bioterrorist Agents (UAB), Texas Medical Association Bioterrorism Resouce CenterUS Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Vaccines Against Biological Warfare Agents,  Vaccines in Civilian Defense Against Bioterrorism, Viral Hemorragic Fever (CDC) Viral Hemorrahagic Fever (Clinical Pathway)


Blister Agent Fact SheetBlister Agent Fact Sheet 2, Chemical and Biological Weapons Index, Chem-Bio Handbook (TPS), Chem-Bio Pediatrics, Chemical and Biological Weapons Resources Page, Chemical Weapons Convention, CBD Comm (US Army), CBW DefenseChemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention (CEPP), Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP)Fact Sheet on Lewisite and Mustard-Lewisite MixtureGuide to Chemical Agent and Toxic industrial Material Detection EquipmentHazardous Materials Emergency PreparednessMedical Management Guidelines for Acute Chemical Exposures,  NIOSH Respirator Fact SheetNitrogen MustardSulfur Mustard Agents H, HD, and HT, VX (Material Data Safety Sheet)

Consequence Management

Consequence Management Interoperability Services (CMI-Services),  Consequence Management NewsCrisis and Consequence Management (Baker), FEMA Rapid Response Information System (RRIS), FEMA's Consequence Management Program (PT&E), First Response to Terrorism (USFA)InterAgency Board (IAB) for Equipment Standardization and InterOperabilityMass Casualty Emergency Response Training,  National Domesitic Preparedness Consortium (TEEXWEB), World Trade Center Disaster

Counter Terrorism

American Military University courses (Homeland Defense).    Counter-Terrorism (SAIC), Center for Counter Terrorism Technology and Analysis (SAIC), Counterterrorism (CDT), Countering Terrorism (DOD)Countering Terrorism (FBI), Countering Terrorism (USIA)Counterterrorism (National Security Institute), Counter Terrorism Information,  Counter Terriorsim Card, Critical Infrastructure Protection CenterDomestic Preparedness Support Listserv,  EAI Corporation (Services)EvergreenHomeland Security Act of 2002International Policy Institute for Counter-TerrorismNational Infrastructure Protection Center,  Office of the Coordinator for Terrorism (US State Dept) Research Planning Inc, Protecting Building Enviroments from Airborne Chemical, Biological or Radiological Attacks,   Role of Science and Technology for Countering Terrorism,   Security Net,  Secure Buildings (LBNL)Stimson Center's Chemical and Biological Weapons NonproliferationStrategic Studies Institute (USA)

Crisis Managment

CALL (US Army), State & Local Domestic Preparedness Support (DOJ)Terrorism in U.S. (FBI), WMD Response (FBI)

Information Systems

CALL (US Army), Communications Intelligence (Commint-Europe), Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), CERT Coordination Center, FIRST  Pocket Guides for Biological, Chemical, and Radiation Terrorism,  RAMSafe (Public Safety Systems)

Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office (CIAO), Emergency Disaster Management Inc., Homeland Defense,  National Infrastructure Protection Center (FBI), President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection (PCCIP)

Intelligence (Open Sources)

Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Central Intelligence Agency, Department of State - Foreign Affairs Network, Intelweb (Janes)National Reconnaissance Office,  National Security Agency, National Security InstituteOSS.NET, Terrorism Watch Report (Jane's), World Watch (Air Security International - Airports), US State Department Travel Warnings 

Law Enforcment

  ATF (US Treas), Federal Bureau of Investigation, Secret Service (US)


Director of Military Support (DOMS), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)Disaster Management Central Resource (Medical),  Domestic Preparedness (US Army)


Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Warfare and Radiation Safety Resources (US Navy)Chemical & Biological Defense Information Analysis Center (USArmy)Code Names and Numbers for WeaponsDefense Supply Center Philidelphia First Responder Purchase Program,  Global Special Weapons-NBC, Joint Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Support Systems, Homeland Defense Testing Team Equipment ResourcesMedical NBC InformationMedical Response to Chemical/Biological Terrorist IncidentsNuclear, Chemical and Biological Medical (Med-NBC)NBC : Center for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Environmental Technology,  NBC Medical Preparedness (Cosnett)


Defense Special Weapons (DOD), Department of Energy (DOE), Electronic Radiation Response Information Center, Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability (DSWA)International Atomic Energy Agency, Nuclear Weapon Accident Response Procedures ManualPocket Guide for Responders to Ionizing Radation Terrorism, Radiation Terrorism - The Medical Challenge


COVERT ACTION, FBI Most Wanted Terrorists, Federation of American Scientists -Terrorists ResourcesForeign Terrorist Organizations, Global Terrorism (US State Dept)FEMA Guide for All-Hazard Emergency Operations Planning: State and Local GuideFEMA Emergency Response to Terrorism Self-Study Manual, InfoWarrior, Managing the Terrorist Threat (White), Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism,  National Academy Press (Terrorism Literature)National Institute of Standards and Technology (Homeland Security),  National Security Institute,   Nunn-Lugar-Domenici Domestic Preparedness and WMD Civil Support Teams,   Patterns of Global Terrorism, Protecting First Responders: Lessons Learned from Terrorist attacks  Sleeping Giant, South Asia,    Terrorism PortalState of Virginia Terrorism Preparedness,   Terriorism Decoded, Terrorism Fact Sheet (NSI), Terrorism Research Center, Terrorism Watch (Daily Updates) Terrorism Preparedness (TRAC-SAIC), Terrorism Preparedness (TRAC-Baker)Terrorism Response Resources for First RespondersTerrorism TimelineUS State Department (Terrorism)

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Center for Non Proliferation Studies, Defense Against Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), FEMA WMD Course (EMI)Mass Casualty Decontamination, The Gilmore Commission (RAND)WMD (National Guard), WMD Domestic Preparedness Program (DOD), WMD Lessons Learned (US Army), WMD Protective Clothing for First Responders,  WMD Response (Reserve & Guard), WMD (TEEXWEB), WMD (Types & Categories)