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Welcome to the Eighth Annual Edition of Emergency Management Gold!  I work in Information and Planning, Emergency Support Function 5 (ESF-5) for FEMA Region VII as a Disaster Assistance Employee (DAE).  I use this site as a bookmark resource when I am deployed  by FEMA to Disaster Field Offices. It allows me to quickly access information at  Internet/WWW sites and to train others. The site is being upgraded again for 2005 to provide enhanced Emergency Management information for Professionals on an International scale.   Background experience of the Webmaster: Major Command Staff Duty with the United States Air Force (USAF) in electronics, inspection (IG), maintenance, training, photo mapping and plans.  Served as a Director on the Logistics Dais in the NORAD (North American Air Defense) Cheyenne Mountain Complex with the responsibility for Strategic Planning the recovery and reconstitution of the North American Continent. A Graduate of the Primary, Secondary and Senior Service Schools, including The National Defense University (NDU).   Served as a Local Elected Official (Mayor of Clearwater), and as a Director of Emergency Management in local county government. Hold a Bachelors Degree from Kansas State University in Sociology and have taken graduate studies in Education at Chapman University, California and  Public Administration at Wichita State University and Certificates in Computer Applications and Supervision from WSU.  Have completed the FEMA Professional Development Series (PDS)   Earned a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) Certificate in 1995 through the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) and have been re-certified to 2006.  Have attended the Integrated Emergency Management System, the Telecommunications and Warning,  the Emergency Support Function (ESF) 5, the Community Relations Officer, Mission Assignments, the National Emergency Management Information System (NEMIS), and the Planning and Analysis Courses in residence at the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) in Emmittsburg, MD.  Have deployed to more than 40 Presidential Declared Disasters in the past 9 years. Professional Affiliations: an active member of IAEM, Global Disaster Information Network (GDIN - Facilatator)Emergency Information Infrastructure Partnership(EIIP), and the American Society of Professional Emergency Planners (Authored four articles in the Professional Journal). A  member of the Civil Air Patrol (and past squadron commander), American Radio Relay League ARRL (Amateur Radio KBOSB), Disaster Emergency Response Association (DERA).

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